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Nancy Ma

Nancy is in charge of our e-commerce and business development, but her most important role is being a professional, world-class guinea pig mama. She resides in the Big Apple with her fur babies and is behind our beautiful website. She is also part of our wonderful customer support team. 

For any business development inquiries, please contact her at



Natalie Mishoe

Natalie is our creative extraordinaire. She was the one woman show that gave birth to all of our original creations. When she isn’t busy creating, cutting, and sewing, Natalie is dedicated to her guinea pigs, chinchillas, bearded dragon, kittens, and a very curious and often jealous dog (why do all the small furries get mommy’s creations? Fret not Buddy, we have you covered!). While she is busy as a storm in July, Natalie loves to create new things constantly so she welcomes proposals for custom orders and will try her best to accommodate. 

For all product questions and custom inquiries, please contact her at

Lance Mishoe

Lance’s full time role is being Natalie’s cheerleader and husband. When he isn’t busy cracking wise jokes as Natalie is sewing away, he is often handling administrative matters for us as well as doing some of the heavy lifting. Lance is also the inspiration behind our Waggin’ Tail and Soft Paws collection as he championed for equality for all the fur children under the roof. 

For general inquiries, please contact him at

Brownie and Coco

At 2 months old, B&C are the babies of the FLL family. These two adorable musketeers is what drove Nancy to cavy madness. They keep a very busy schedule of munching through mountains of hay like champions, squealing for veggies, guilting mommy into constantly upgrading their cage, and doing zoomie races up and down their many ramps. We are very grateful that they make time out of their busy schedules to be our product tester and model- all products in our store has the B&C stamp of approval. 

For doses of cuteness, visit our instagram page