Fleece vs. Flannel

 Fabric Description


Fleece is a 100% polyester material that is thick, warm, and soft. It is offered in thousands of vibrant colors and patterns. We use it in pretty much all of our products as it is a sturdy material and will last through washes while being extremely cozy for your pals. We use fleece for any surface they will curl up on or pitter-patter across to maximize coziness. However, the best feature of fleece is its absorbency. Once it is washed and wicked, fleece dries quickly, allowing liquid to soak into the uHaul lining below, leaving the surface dry and soft for the animals.


We offer many of our products with flannel on the outside. (don’t worry, the inside where the furries come in contact with is still fleece) We feel that flannel have certain advantages in a few situations, which is why we offer all of our products with the option to do flannel on the outside with fleece lining.

  • Flannel is more breathable. For ones that live in hot climates or during the summer, it can help to keep your small pets cools and allow more air flow.
  • Prints on flannel are usually much smaller, so when making small cozies and hideys, patterns show up way more if done in flannel. (if the print is cactus plants, large patterns on the fleece could result in cactus that are cut in half or only 2 or 3 cacti throughout the entire cozy)
  • Flannel is more lightweight so for products that you plan to hang, it could help to reduce the weight and help the product to hold up the shape better in the long run.
  • Flannel is cotton vs fleece, which is polyester. For those who prefer natural fabrics, flannel might be a better choice.
  • Although fleece have tons of options for patterns, flannel offer even more! The more the merrier, right ?